I am a Junior at Miami University majoring in Games + Simulations with minors in Computer Science, Theatre Arts, and Musical Theatre! Although I began my career building in Theatre I see myself as a programmer creating experiences for users to become engaged in. Whether that be videogames, visual displays, or pragmatic applications. Theatre and musical theatre give me a unique insight to design by focusing on how characters and actors will be seen by users, making them relatable and satisfying.

My hometown is North Royalton, Ohio which is south of the city of Cleveland. As I will be graduating in the Spring of 2023, I aim looking for summer and winter internships over the next year. Preferably these internships would be remote however I will travel for a season if necessary.

As for the type of internships I am looking for, I primarily would like to learn more about programming or design in a professional setting working with a client or with a team to realize a product I would personally pay for. This will not only give me indespensible experience but it will add a key portfolio piece, pieces, or experience for future work.

On my site you will see my work spread between programming, game design, and art